Thursday, December 19, 2013

Chops and Bops

Torb is a game about  playful combat. We removed all animations from the players and enemies, handing over the dynamics to a simplified physical world. Every movement is tied to springs, joints and wheels that you trigger in simple, familiar ways to produce true free-form combat.

The combat feels extremely "loose" at first, probably because most games about sword fighting are extremely stiff. It doesn't take long to find the rhythm and fluidity of the character's movement, and you realize you can get very creative about how you approach the game play. There are so many styles you can explore, invent and even apply from real world techniques.

Lately we have been working in a new combat sandbox, testing different weapons with different weights and pivot joints. Here's a video of some fun things we are discovering!


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  2. hey...its been 3 years and no updates...this game looks REALLY promising, and i would love to play it, even in its current state! i hope you guys didnt give up on it :(

    1. Progress has been super slow, but we always come back to this. Sadly this version isn't really in a state where it would be playable, but we'll definitely keep the blog posted if something new happens! Thanks for your excitement -- it's great to hear people would still be interested in this :)

    2. omg you mean its still in development?!?!?! THANK GOD I THOUGHT IT WAS DEAD!! HAHAHAHA

      (tbh this looks totally playable, like in bursts to pass 10 minutes or something, id PAY YOU to test this game!!!!)

    3. perhaps open a discord? try to get word out? hear community feedback and ideas and such, find people who maybe can help, if you want that.

  3. 5 more months, to the are things? id contact you some other way but im unable to find any alternate contacts :(


    other people are making physics fighting games now! its nice to see this genre start to open up...

    also of note

    stick fight: the game

  5. you guys still breathing? hope all is well

  6. HEY MAN, GOOD NEWS! TORB is officially getting released for the Finally Finish Something game jam on ITCHIO. Check back soon it will be available for FREE!

  7. Its available! Thanks for sticking it out! Enjoy!

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